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Manny Moon

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All About Moon

Hello! I go by the name Manny Moon and I grew up in Hammond, Indiana. I am 21 years old and currently, a Media and Film Production major attending Indiana University and expected to graduate in 2023. Anime and creating art have always been an important part of my life growing up and knew it always will be even when I grow old. I've been watching anime and playing video games with my siblings since I was an elementary kid and always loved embracing everything I do in life 100%, my job, sports, my hobbies, and taking care of the people I deeply care about. My hobbies include painting, drawing, working out, cosplaying, editing, photography, and gaming!


I started cosplaying in 2015 and after being so influenced by attending my first convention, Instagram cosplayers, cosplayers in town that were going to meet-ups at my favorite anime store, I was ready to transform what I love in reality! As time went by, I noticed how modeling, acting, and making art in action easily came by for me. I took that risk into doing what I love for the sake of my happiness to encourage myself to never feel fear to express myself or seek


and influence very empowered when cosplaying and playing video games look forward to making this my all-time job as a content creator, modeling, influencer, and Twitch streamer as I continue my art business Luna Laboratory and giving back to those who need saving. 


Art has always been with my heart and helped me through a lot of tough times. When it comes to the talk about mental health, It’s something that isn’t always talked about, and hope to bring a smile to someone’s face in what I create and entertain. Running, music, creating, and anime, in general, have helped me stay sane in my insecurities and this world.. and still on the road to happiness. 😁

When I first started cosplaying, I always had doubts when creating as If the color of my skin wouldn't fit the canon or it would be a waste of not only money but time. But never did I hesitate in pursuing things that made me happy and glad I never looked back or was phased by other people's opinions. I never noticed a lot of black women in the community when starting but, I am very proud of the black cosplay community as it has grown into such a positive and friendly group full of unique and talented creatives. I want to always encourage black creators to express themselves without turning or focusing on other people's approval and opinions. 💞

On the Road to Partner

Welcome and thanks for checking out my online portfolio! To the right is my About section in my Twitch Channel that involves info about me, how to support, and my stream schedule! 


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One of the many avatar quotes that impacted my life..

Avatar Aang

"When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change."